Madame Butterfly-5 Recolors of Sentate's Dress

Hi guys! Alright. So I've only recolored clothing like..2 times in my entire lifespan of Simming. I actually really, really love it, but without Photoshop, it's really hard to do. I've had the program for over a year now and I'm just now getting around to recoloring clothes..uhm, *smug face* I really have no excuse for that. Anyway, it used to be that I would only download clothes that are realistic or that use real-life clothing textures, but as I've grown and learned so much about Simming, I've come to love and appreciate Maxis textures and Maxis-matchy clothing..

which is definitely ironic. So, for my first set of clothing recolors, I've chosen Sentate's Dress mesh. Sentate makes some of the best quality clothing (in my opinion) and best of all, they were really, really easy to recolor :)

Included recolors (from left to right):

Mesh is not included. Please get it | here |
-it is titled "Tunic &"



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