The Wind Keeper ♥

The "Wind Keeper" [coincidentally named after the creator of the windows ;)] is probably
one of my favorite lots. It's perfect for a young couple starting a family. It's interior is lacquered with warm, inviting colors of browns, oranges, greens, and golds. It's fully landscaped, partially decorated for presentation, and ready for you to make it a home!

Lot Details
*fully landscaped*
*central heat and air, fans in every room*
*fully functional fireplace* 
*lighting throughout*
*partially furnished and ready for decoration*
*includes furnished kitchen, breakfast, and bathrooms*
*optional loft*


Decorative Grass (One Time – Short) By Gelydh – Club Crimsyn
Plastic Simililies by Windkeeper (TSR)
Babbling Bougainvillea recolors by Anna @ LJ (I believe)
Garden Hosta by Shakeshaft (TSR)
4ESF Outdoor6 Fern (PMBD – 4ESF—Outdoor 6)
Birch Tree shrubby Larger by Khakidoo (MTS)
Rockery Stone Small by Shakeshaft (TSR)
Grassy Paving 03 by ayyuff (TSR)
Waterfront 2-tile Short Window by Windkeeper (TSR)
Waterfront 2-tile Window by Windkeeper (TSR)
Lafenetre Classic Window by Windkeeper (TSR)
Lafenetre Loft Sidelight Window by Windkeeper (TSR)
Rosewood Door by Windkeeper (TSR)
Halfwall by unknown
Stained Glass Poly-Molecular Matrix Double Arch by MsBarrows (TSR)
Stained Glass Poly-Molecular Matrix Door (No transform) by MsBarrows (TSR)
Stained Glass Poly-Molecular Matrix Wood Door (No Transform) by MsBarrows (TSR)
Stained Glass Poly-Molecular Matrix Archway by MsBarrows (TSR)
Light Switches (set) by Living Dead Girl (TSR)
Manor House Kitchen Epicurean Sink by phoenix_phaerie (MTS)
La Cuisiniere Extractor Hood by phoenix_phaerie
Manor House Kitchen Hanging Rack by phoenix_phaerie
La Cuisiniere French Cooker by phoenix_phaerie
‘Adelle’ Dining Chair by Holy Simoly
Shakerlicious round table counterfinish version
Ankara Hall Single Tulip by Anoeska (TSR)
Lumeo Bathroom – Shower by Murano (TSR)
“Unbridled Braids” Oval Rug RECOLOR by Anna (LJ)
Manor House Washroom Paper Holder by phoenix_phaerie (MTS)
Secure Sentinel Wall Lamp – by Spaik (TSR)
Harley Red Bricks by Shakeshaft (TSR)
Brushed Suede in Carnelian by Lachelle (MTS)
Brushed Suede in Burnished Copper by Lachelle (MTS)
Greens Collection based off Behr Paint by Danikat (I used Athenian Green and Winter Hedge with Crown Moulding and Baseboard)
Chocolate Curl with Crown Moulding and Baseboard (Fall Collection/Behr paint) by Danikat
You Got Planked by Suburban Appeal Modified Dark Brown by Sarah*Rose
Wood Zigs from Suburban Appeal Lighter Yet by Sarah*Rose
ADELE: Brick Tile

For instructions on downloading and installing lots, click here!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm having a probably with the doors. It's showing blue. help pleaseee!!! :)

February 6, 2011 at 2:15 AM    

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And also the grass and plastic similies are showing blue :(

February 6, 2011 at 2:16 AM    

Anonymous xtina said...

Hey there Anon,
did you pick up the meshes from the list above? If you did, you should be able to just replace the shining blue doors with the meshes ^_^ I'm not really sure why they're still shining blue if you have them in your game. o.o

February 6, 2011 at 9:32 AM    

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can I get the meshes? I just downloaded whatever was with the download link.

February 6, 2011 at 11:09 AM    

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