I was just thinking..I've finally hit over 60 followers (tehe) and I was wondering what you guys think of my current layout for the blog? Is it hard for you guys to see? I know I'm using kinda pastel-y colors.

I have a pretty high end computer and I am able to see the layout very nicely, but when I'm on my PC laptop, it is kinda washed out and hard to see..This is the last thing I want. Please let me know if you have issues seeing/reading my site.

The links are all still borked. I don't have everything sorted yet. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do. Also, I plan to do a lot for you guys over the next few weeks. I've made up my mind to start a chain of male Sims. I've noticed that it's slim-pickin's for good looking/hot male Sims. It's time that changed!! Here here!

Also, I still plan on remodeling Appaloosa Plains. I'm a bit behind haha, as I've been playing a lot! I'm going to make a family for each lot and they will be available for download as well, but of course that will be an optional download separate from the house itself.

Looks like I'm not going to get that TS2 set that I wanted from the BPS treasure chest. Lost by one damned vote! ONE. Grrr, go figure. I was going to build the most awesome shopping center for you guys. I still want to build a Starbucks for Sims 2 and Sims 3 with lots of custom meshes. Although there's quite a few Starbucks meshes already for Sims 2. But, I think both games should have a Starbucks. It's kinda a part of culture now. lol. I know I couldn't live without it.

This weekend I'm going to go through and make a post or two of the links above like "Decor Bits" and "Color Lover" so you guys know what the heck I'm talking about. Basically, it'll be a way for me to share my favorite custom content with you guys so you can add it to your game. I mean, sometimes I find things that I'm so in love with and it was found in some random corner of the Sims universe that people rarely venture to. Granted, this might not be the case for Sims 3, as the community for that isn't seemingly as large as Sims 2.

I do plan to continue meshing. I have learned so much over the last 6 months in my classes that I feel I could model anything. But, I'm not too familiar with game it'll probably be best that I stick with creating decorative objects lol and maybe some tables.

Well, stay tuned guys!



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